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School of Rudraveena and Sitar - Learning center of "Himalayan Universal Trust"


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Swami Rama Veenagram Gurukul


Inspired by the traditional musical ideologies of Gurukul, Rudraveena exponent Vidushi Jyoti Hegde founded Swami Rama Veenagram. The Veenagram Gurukul is situated in Sirsi, North Kanara, in a region known for its extremely rich forests. A large Arecanut orchard, a farm with abundant yields, cattle and trees makes an incredible atmosphere for music. A variety of medicinal plants can be seen in the periphery of the Gurukul. People also come to understand and study these medicinal plants. Students come from various corners of the world to learn Rudraveena and Sitar from Jyoti Hegde Ji. It is exceptional to see female Rudraveena players. However, there are many female Rudraveena learners in Gurukul.  Many students of Swami Rama Gurukul are now performing Rudraveena on various platforms.

Veenagram Gurukul also aims to make the younger generation evolve with music and learn the art of joyful living. They try to inculcate Indian traditions in their lives to understand life in harmony with nature.

Student Gallery

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